Sunday, September 5, 2010

I will, will you?

What drives you? Where do you find your energy and your passion? What gives you goosebumps and makes your heart skip a beat? I think of a time in highschool, being an athlete, when I walked out of the lockerrooms heading for the gymnasium. I could smell the popcorn and hear chatter from the children in the halls. As we walked to the single door where we would enter the battle zone, I remember the silence I felt in my heart and the indescribable energy in my bones. The door snaps open, our team begins to jump, feeling the energy from one another and allowing adrenaline to urge us on as if each of us held a piece of the fire and alone we were a spark, but together we are a forest fire of confidence and anticipation. Just as we cannot hold the energy anymore, the announcer comes over the speakers and we burst forth onto the court, cheers and applause feeding the fire. On that day, in that moment, we were on top of the world. We were champions before the battle begun.

An athletic analogy, yes! Would you expect anything less? I reminisce about this experience and wonder, where is the fire and anticipation in my spiritual life? Each morning before my feet touch the floor, God is giving me the opportunity to burst into the battle zone of life and face each day of this life with the confidence of knowing Christ is the champion and the battle has already been won. Will we choose to live as champions and push forward to a 'game' that's already decided or will we shrink back and play not to lose?

I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection, becoming like Him each day and knowing Him more every minute. I catch myself doing to please Him, when all I truly need to do is know Him. Many references to sports are made in the Word and so many times as I go through the day I forget that the battle has been won. Will I stand up and meet Christ in my every day that God has given me? Will I find my strength in the One who is strength? Will I be the encourager He created me to be and find my true identity in the Lord?

I will. Will you?